Applied Physiology, Ltd.
Salts Bath course

The Salts bath is a new class which lays the foundation for
all Applied Physiologic classes and is a great prerequisite to
the Agape Quest 10-day course. This is a wonderful class
for those that are interested in any form of alternative care and
have little to no experience.

This course demonstrates many of the techniques used in
Applied Physiology and uses them in an easy to understand
format. While the techniques may be easy to comprehend
they are however extremely effective. This is a unique series
for individuals already involved in massage and any other forms
of therapy. These classes will be a tremendous addition and
asset to your A.P. tool kit and will truly impress your

Salts Bath stands for Sound and Light Technology System
Biologically Accepting Truth Historically. The Salts bath
mainly focuses on healing the body using sound and light to
balance the body's energy. The class is either an 8 or 16-day
course divided into 2-day week end segment from 9am to
6pm, which includes adequate hands on time. We invite you to
come and experience the truly unique powers of sound
and light.