We at the International Institute of Applied Physiology invite each one of you to become an active member of the Applied Physiology Association. This association was formed in 1997 allowing all dues and donations to be directed toward serving you and your clients. It will be entirely supported by annual membership dues and meeting fees. The association would very much like to hear your thoughts and suggestions which will help us improve the whole world of Applied Physiology and create a professional organization we can all be proud of! It is our goal to keep you informed about all future events, classes, workshops, meetings and publications. Association members will be the first to receive updated techniques that are sure to enhance your life and practice. All instructors of Applied Physiology must belong to the association to stay in good standing with Applied Physiology.

Associates (Sponsor) $50.00
Stress Observation Specialist $125.00
Applied Physiologist I $150.00
Applied Physiologist II $200.00
Instructors $250.00
Master Applied Physiologist $300.00
Lifetime Membership $2,500.00
President Isaura Utt
Dominique Monette, MD (Belgium)
Alfred Shatz (Germany)  
Adam Lehman (USA)  
Charles Krebs Ph.D (Australia) Leila Turner Parker (France)
Hap & Elizabeth Barhydt (USA) Mae Soszynski (USA)
Beatrice Styger (Switzerland)  
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