What is Applied Physiology?  
From the Chinese Five Element Theory of acupuncture, Richard Utt, by adding air and ether, has developed a three-dimensional Seven Element Theory which expands the Chinese theory using a western format that allows for lateral, vertical, and horizontal movement of energy. Systematic investigation of the muscle system is used to evaluate the muscle's relationship to the acupuncture energy. Stress is viewed in an entirely new way. Instead of something to automatically eliminate, stress is now observed and understood so that individuals can consciously participate in its removal rather than passively allowing its removal by a therapist. A new perspective is also given of the "disease" state which traditionally has been considered the enemy. Applied Physiology considers disease the stressor which signals individuals that certain physical and metaphysical laws are being stretched which they must rectify in order to continue spiritual growth. Spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being are the objectives. The template of the physical body is used to give clues about the three areas which are not visible but tangible.
"Stress Observation Specialist " 
AP 1 "SOS" Muscle Monitoring None
AP 2 "SOS" Attitude with Essence None
AP 3 "SOS" Can Opener None
AP 4 "SOS" Basket Weaver
AP 5 "SOS" Tibetan Figure 8's None
AP 6 "SOS" Dyslexia None
Applied Physiology Professional Courses

  Study college-level chemistry, histology, anatomy and physiology with the AP perspective that will illuminate your mind's eye to the structures, shapes, textures and activities of body systems, from the brain, immune system, gall bladder, or kidney to the deepest individual cells of the human body. Learn the AP system that allow you to use the holographic supertheory to balance energy flow, release stress, and liberate the incredible healing powers of the divine human design.

APP 1 Seven Chi Keys SOS 1-6
APP 1 Pitch, Roll & Yaw SOS 1-6
APP 1 Centering SOS 1-6
APP 2 Brain SOS + APP 1
APP 2 Tao of Blood SOS + APP 1
APP 2 Cranials SOS + APP 1
APP 2 Five Houses of Chi SOS + APP 1
APP 2 Aromatic Hologram SOS + APP 1
APP 2 Aromatic Hologram SOS + APP 1